Do you need more
peace in your life? 
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Do you believe your life has purpose and meaning?

During this 8-week study, you’ll be creating a vibrant stained glass charger plate - serving as visual representation of your spiritual journey!

Peace by Piece is a hands-on, creative study that embraces our brokenness. Women are encouraged to fellowship, relax and heal in a safe and loving environment. It’s time to find the peace you’ve been looking for!

Don't know much about the Bible? It’s okay!…
This study will not overwhelm you, but it will explore the healing of your soul.  No previous Bible knowledge is necessary to begin this workbook! 😉
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"...A Gorgeous Masterpiece!"
"One of the most innovative Bible studies I’ve ever done! The lessons, scriptures and fellowship – all outstanding! My spirit was enriched when I worked with the stained glass. I cherish my beautiful piece of artwork that serves as a memento of this experience. I hated to see it end!”

Karen Marzano, Orland Park, IL
"...My Soul & Art Came Together!"
“The facilitators are so helpful when you’re doing your mosaic. At first you think you can’t possibly do this… but as you start to journal (and select your glass pieces), a mosaic masterpiece is developed by the end of the session. Peace by piece your soul and artwork come together!”

Wanda Draus, New Lenox, IL
"...Absolutely Therapeutic!"
“I learned so much about myself during this miraculous journey! It was incredible to focus on the stained glass colors what we used to symbolize our emotions and feelings. The program was very positive and therapeutic for me; I enjoyed sharing stories with the other women in the group."

Amy Buss, Homer Glen, IL
"...Binding Together My Brokenness!"
“God takes the broken pieces in our lives and binds them together with His love. This was such an awesome women’s conference (and experience) for our church this weekend!”

Linda, Mount Pleasant, MI
"...It's My Visual Testimony!"
“It’s refreshing to be in God’s Word and journal– watching Him guide me. I'm even more encouraged when I review old journals – seeing how God’s hand was in it all! My mosaic plate is a visual testimony.
Karen Rivera - Orland Park, IL
"...I Feel More Encouraged!"
“An amazing time of sharing God’s Word while creating a beautiful piece of artwork! You will be encouraged, strengthened and challenged to continue to grow in your walk with God!”
Cheryl Faustin, Tinley Park, IL
The $60 workshop fee covers the cost of your keepsake journaling workbook, the use of mosaic tools and all the stained glass needed to create your masterpiece. You simply purchase/bring a Charger Plate to class. 
Your order is 100% secure.
Dee Everson
P.S. Discover God’s intentional and beautiful design for your life! Through the journaling exercises, you’ll find yourself falling into deeper relationship with God. You will experience a greater sense of purpose and have more confidence in daily situations. You’ll witness your faith strengthening and your trust in God deepening as you start seeing how the “pieces” of your life actually fit together quite nicely and intentionally! And that pretty mosaic plate you artistically created? It’ll serve as a beautiful reminder of your journey in this season. 
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